Vision for Introducing this Training Program

Embark on a comprehensive learning journey through our Corporate Training program, where you'll not only gain theoretical knowledge but also valuable hands-on experience. Our training covers a wide range of domains including Finance, HR, Material Management, IT, Marketing, Production, Sales,, & CSR. Our esteemed faculty and industry specialists are dedicated to equipping you with practical exposure and industry-specific strategies that are easy to grasp. You'll learn to conquer real-world challenges and enhance your strategic decision-making abilities, all while fostering cross-functional collaboration. This hands-on experience ensures that you're well-prepared to tackle actual scenarios within your organization. Beyond personal growth, this transformative opportunity allows you to network with experts and peers, driving your company towards excellence while making a positive impact on society. Don't miss out on enrolling now to secure a future filled with success and innovation.

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    Program Curriculum

      I. Basics of Financial Management :

      Learn foundational concepts of finance, understand financial statements, and grasp the importance of financial management in decisionmaking.

      II. Financial Analysis & Ratios:

      Develop skills to analyze financial statements, interpret key ratios, and assess a company's financial health.

      III. Sources of Capital & Investment Decision :

      Understand various sources of capital (debt vs. equity), explore investment appraisal methods, and make informed investment decisions.

      IV. Cost Management & Budgeting :

      Master cost control techniques, prepare budgets, and learn to manage costs effectively for better financial performance.

      v. Cashflow & Financial Performance :

      Why Cash is the ‘King’? , Analyse cash flows, interpret their impact on financial performance, and make strategic decisions based on cash flow analysis.

      I. Tax Management & Planning

      Gain insights into income tax and GST regulations, and develop strategies for effective financial planning.

      II. GST & Income Tax

      Understand the complexities of GST and income tax systems, comply with regulations, and optimize tax benefits.

      I. SAP-Financial Accounting & Control

      Learn about SAP's Financial Accounting and Control module, including managing financial transactions and generating reports.

      II. SAP-Project System & Plant Maintenance :

      Explore SAP modules for project management and plant maintenance, understanding their role in operational efficiency.

      III. SAP-Material Management :

      Understand SAP's Material Management module, covering procurement, inventory control, and supply chain management.

      IV. SAP Implementation & Challenges :

      Understand the challenges and intricacies of SAP implementation, and learn how to effectively integrate SAP modules.

      I. Material Management

      : Master the essentials of material management, including inventory control, and supplier relationship management.

      II. E- Procurement & Contract management :

      Develop the expertise to efficiently manage contracts and harness the power of digital tools, optimizing procurement processes for enhanced supply chain efficiency and risk-conscious value creation.

      III. Nagotiation skills for procurement

      IV. Supplier Management & Relationship

      I. Leadership & strategic Thinking :

      Enhance leadership skills, faster strategic thinking, and develop the ability to lead and manage teams effectively.

      II. Communication and Interpersonal Skills :

      Improve communication and interpersonal skills, enabling effective collaboration and relationship building.

      III. Effective Negotiation Skills :

      Develop negotiation techniques, strategies, and communication skills for successful outcomes in various situations.

      IV. Motivation & Productivity :

      Gain insights into motivation theories, boost intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, set effective goals, enhance job satisfaction, improve time management.

      IV. Motivation & Productivity :

      Gain insights into motivation theories, boost intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, set effective goals, enhance job satisfaction, improve time management.

      V. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility :

      VI. Innovation & Creativity :

      Faster creativity and innovation skills, enabling the generation of new ideas and solutions for business challenges.

      I. Data Science and Analytics :

      Gain insights into data analysis techniques, understand the basics of data science, and apply analytics for informed decision-making.

      II. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning :

      Explore the fundamentals of AI and machine learning, understanding their applications in business and decision-making.

      III. Enterprise Risk management :

      I. Lean Six Sigma :

      Gain proficiency in Lean Six Sigma methodologies for process improvement and waste reduction.

      II. Time Management and Productivity :

      Learn time management techniques, prioritize tasks, and improve productivity for better results.

      III. Project Management :

      Develop project management skills, including planning, execution, and monitoring of projects for operational excellence.